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Let's Congratulate our Interns!

Our Intern Spotlight is designed to recognize students who have either successfully completed their internships or who are currently interning within our firm. While each student serve 4 months within our company, we highlight their experiences, skills gained and roles as we continue our mission to build young business leaders of tomorrow in Corporate America. 



Maddasyn Manfull
Marketing Intern

A dual Marketing and Supply Chain Management major, Maddasyn Manfull is a senior studying at the University of Maryland, College Park. Maddasyn has assisted with managing and overseeing all of our social media channels, newsletter campaigns, and online presence by implementing new ideas for our company’s website. In addition, Maddasyn continued to market new business contacts, developed promotional marketing material and generated strategies to better serve our target market.

While interning within our company, Maddasyn shared, “It’s been a great opportunity with a vast amount of excellent experience. I enjoyed branching out and exploring the consulting business. This internship gave me the chance to challenge myself and become more creative than ever!”

Maddasyn also shared that she hopes to continue marketing for companies and lead her own marketing campaign in the future. As a growing talented student, we know that Maddasyn definitely has her foot ahead of the competition.

Zhihao Tian
Finance Intern

Zhihao Tian is a current junior, majoring in Finance at the Robert H. Smith Business School at the University of Maryland, College Park. In addition, he is also perusing his minor in technology entrepreneurship within the Hillman Entrepreneurship Program.

Zhihao has been an excellent addition to our internship program. He has assisted in ensuring efficient budget analysis, developing financial projections, and preparing bank sheets. Zhihao has also been active EVAP, our latest company expansion, by itemizing and pricing each service accurately to increase our competitive edge. EVAP has provided him hands-on experience understanding how businesses run and how to become successful financially.

After graduation, Zhihao hopes to work in the consulting industry to help individuals and organizations solve their problems. It has been a great pleasure working with Zhihao and we are eager to watch him grow throughout the course of his internship.

Sola Jang
Business Development Intern

Information Systems and Finance major, Sola Jang is a current junior studying at the Robert H. Smith Business School at the University of Maryland, College Park. Sola has worked in various roles within our firm including her assistance with our latest business expansion - EVAP. Sola excels as a young business leader who is eager to learn and exceeds expectations.   

When asked about her internship experience, Sola says, “Working at VCVG has granted me the ability of what it is like working in a consulting firm.” She adds, “From my previous jobs, I had very little knowledge of what was going on within the company. However, working at VCVG, I was able to have the opportunity to learn and partake in projects. In addition, Mr. Marshall gave me the opportunity to break out of my Administrative role and branch out in other sectors of business to expand my career interests.” Sola also quotes, “VCVG is a great opportunity for students who want to learn and expand in the business field.”  

Post-graduation, Sola plans to work within the IT and Business field.

Kyung Wan Kim
Business Development Intern

Kyung Wan (Steven) Kim is a senior, majoring in International Business at Robert H. Smith Business program at University of Shady Grove. Mr. Kim plans to pursue his career as a business consultant post-graduation. During Mr. Kim's internship, he has learned various skills as we prepare him for his future career. Mr. Kim quotes, “I am gaining knowledge as well as experiences through having face-to-face meetings with clients, generating new ideas for projects, and working directly with Co-Owner, Mr. Marshall.” He continues saying, “working at Visionary Concepts & Van Gogh Consulting has been a pleasurable experience so far.”

Mr. Kim is an exceptional student and it has been an honor to have him interning within our firm. As he prepares for graduation, we’re certain that he’ll have a very prosperous future.

Feng Lu
Research Intern

Research Intern, Mr. Feng Lu is a recent graduate student from George Washington University. Mr. Lu obtained his Master’s degree in Statistics and plans to pursue his career in data analysis and data visualization.

During the length of his internship, Mr. Lu was responsible for carrying out various research projects to help strengthen client profiles. Specifically, Mr. Lu took the lead to visualize raw data to help clients have a better understanding of their potential market.

Mr. Feng Lu shared, “It has been a great experience interning at Visionary Concepts & Van Gogh Consulting.” Mr. Lu continued, “I believe students will learn how to apply their academic studies to the workplace and gain valuable skill sets that can be applied to furthering their careers.”

Xue Leng
Finance Intern

Finance Intern, Xue Leng currently holds her Master of Finance degree as a recent graduate from the Robert H. Smith Business School, University of Maryland, College Park. Xue Leng has been responsible for developing financial statements for start-up companies; generating written reports; and helping modify our firm's price models to provide convenience and flexibility with our growing clientele. 

Xue Leng has been an excellent student to work with while interning within our firm. Xue is an eager learner and excels to provide quality work ensuring that our clients businesses are financially sound and prepared for growth.

Xue expressed that throughout her internship, she has enhanced her skills with financial projections, data analyzing, and communication. Xue also mentioned that our company is an excellent place for students to broaden their horizons, and to work closely with clients and the owners, Mr. Marshall and Ms. Osagbue while preparing students for their future. 

Post-internship, Xue hopes to continue her career as a Financial Analyst.

Fangxi Wen
Research Intern

Research intern, Fangxi (Kris) Wen, is a newly graduate student from Columbian College of Arts & Sciences, George Washington University, with her Master’s degree in Statistics.

Fangxi has been a pleasure to work with while displaying great leadership skills and a positive attitude towards learning. During her tenure, Fangxi has been responsible for researching and compiling statistical data, and developing detailed reports on market research initiatives. Specifically, Fangxi assisted with gathering extensive demographic and competitor research for startup organizations to ensure both growth and stability.

Fangxi shared, “Interning within VCVG has been a valuable experience. Working with Mr. Marshall and Ms. Osagbue allowed me to learn a lot of things that I wouldn’t have learned in a classroom. My internship within VCVG also allowed me to enhance my data researching and communication skills.” In addition, Fangxi mentioned, “VCVG is a great company for students to improve their practical skills, broaden their horizons, and learn how to excel in the business world.”

Post-internship, Fangxi plans to continue her career in the field of marketing research.