Visionary Concepts & Van Gogh Consulting

"Serving with a spirit of excellence"

Osita S. Osagbue

Co-Owner & Partner

Ms. Osagbue possesses 18 years of executive leadership experience as a health care administrator within the Department of Veterans Affairs. Within her tenure, she has developed staff training using her self-created APTITUDE. She also excels at taking concepts and establishing visionary models for deeper level strategic planning and operational management. Henceforth, this led to the creation of the first part of the business’ name Visionary Concepts.

Over the years, Ms. Osagbue has been mentored and highly influenced by those who have transitioned from federal government employment to entrepreneurship and/or government contracting. The independence, flexibility, and self-creativity offered by entrepreneurship further fueled her passion for change from career to entrepreneurship.

Ms. Osagbue’s second source of inspiration derived from her upbringing working class community. In this environment, she experienced first-hand the push to pursue a good job or career to receive good benefits. However, as she matured, she realized the importance of self-realization and actualization. Thirdly, the desire to impact the small to medium sized business community began to grow as a flame within her that could not be quenched.

Lastly and most importantly, as a young adult, she nurtured an interest in vulnerable populations. Visionary Concepts & Van Gogh Consulting’s target population includes not only small to medium-size businesses and nonprofits but individuals who are near retirement, veterans, and active military. As a partner with the federal government, VCVG has more leverage to institute services to transition individuals, organizations, and companies into their full economic potential.

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Zane V. Marshall 

Co-Owner & Partner

Zane Marshall better known as Zane Van Gogh is best recognized throughout the Washington Metropolitan area as a small business and nonprofit development expert. Mr. Marshall serves as the Co-Owner and Co-Founder of Visionary Concepts & Van Gogh Consulting, LLP (VCVG). Within his role, Mr. Marshall is the lead Architect of organizational system design and works with clients to produce organic growth and profitability to ensure long-term success.

Mr. Marshall began his career at the ripe age of 16 launching his first company. This company was created to further his mission as a public speaker to empower and educate the youth on financial literacy and entrepreneurship. Aside from the launch of his company, Mr. Marshall spent several years serving in various leadership positions of small to medium-size organizations where he worked directly under numerous CEO’s. This allowed Mr. Marshall the opportunity to gain insight on some of the challenges business owners face. Mr. Marshall soon discovered many business owners lack basic skills such as: planning, leadership, management, and communication. These key skills hinder productivity, efficiency, and overall success of many businesses and nonprofit organizations nationwide. Additionally, his experience has allowed him to help countless businesses and nonprofits obtain a strong management structure and capacity for steady growth.

Mr. Marshall’s passion of helping people achieve their dreams fueled the success of his career as an Entrepreneur. He learned early on that his entrepreneurial journey wasn’t about him. It was about the people he was able to touch and careers he was able to transform. Today, Mr. Marshall excels as an Innovator, Advocate, Public Speaker, and Entrepreneur. Furthermore, he remains active in the community by donating his time to speak at local schools and organizations while empowering our youth. It was once said, it takes a village to raise a child, however, it also takes dedicated leaders to build a community.

Mr. Marshall has been featured on CTV News; Praise 104.1FM with Radio One Personality the late, Sheila Stewart; WHUR Voices - Beyond the Bling with host, Renee Nash; interviewed on WKYS 93.9FM by Washington DC’s “Your Royal Hypeness,” Angie Ange; and appeared as a special guest on Making the Change Radio Show with Patricia Terrell just to name a few. 

As Mr. Marshall quotes, “In order to fund your dreams you must invest in them first,” he proves that with hard work and dedication anything in life can be made possible even at his young age.

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