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"Serving with a spirit of excellence"

“I would like to thank Mr. Marshall and Ms. Osagbue for their hard and detailed work on my resume package. As a transitioning Army Veteran, going into the civilian/private sector is an anxious experience. I spent about 5 weeks unsuccessfully trying to get my federal and private sector resumes together before finally calling Visionary Concepts & Van Gogh Consulting. I was fortunate that I was able to connect with Mr. Marshall and Ms. Osagbue and over the next few days they came up with a package that I am beyond pleased with. I feel very confident that I will be right back here in a few weeks giving a second testimony about how their amazing work was key in landing me the job of my dreams. THANK YOU!!!!”

- Miguel Sierra, Suicide Prevention Coordinator, United States Army

"Our work with Visionary Concepts & Van Gogh Consulting (VCVG), aimed to establish and develop a 501(c)3 organization.  VCVG assisted our team by successfully advising, consulting and developing the non-profit application and filing the required documentation to the United Stated Internal Revenue Services and the State of Maryland Department of Assessments & Taxation. Beyond our expectations the 501(c)3 was successfully established in less than 90 days! What we appreciated most was the professionalism, affordability and efficiency in completing the project.  We also enjoyed how organized, friendly and joyful Osita and Zane are as a team. Their timeliness and communication throughout the process was OUTSTANDING! We found that this experience delivered our results beyond our expectations and now we have an established 501(c)3 organization."

- Rochelle Smallwood, President, Toiletry and Company, Inc.

"I would like to say THANK YOU to Visionary & Van Gogh Consulting. They played a very important part in helping me to pursue a dream of mine in starting a non-profit mentoring program. Ms. Osita Osagbue and Mr. Zane Marshall worked with me diligently in preparing for my 501(c)3 status. Due to their expertise I am officially a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. I highly recommend this company to ALL my friends and family. They were very professional and also caring!"

- Tenia Jones, Founder, Home Away from Home

"Visionary Concepts & Van Gogh Consulting delivers! Whether you're starting out as a young entrepreneur or a seasoned business owner, their consulting services can assist you in setting and achieving your goals. Visionary Concepts & Van Gogh Consulting provides training workshops for aspiring business owners and well-seasoned business owners on various topics including: starting a business, how to incorporate your business, creating a 501(c)3 and business management. I have attended some of their workshops and found them to be very insightful, informative and walked away with valuable information. I highly recommend Visionary Concepts & Van Gogh Consulting to anyone who has a business need. They have proven to be an up and coming force in the marketplace."

- Mary Beasley, Founder, Hope Ministries

"I have been in the merchant services industry since 1998. I met Mr. Marshall to set up the credit card processing for VCVG. While learning about Visionary Concepts & Van Gogh Consulting, I became immediately impressed with the drive of Mr. Marshall and the passion he has for helping business people market themselves as effectively as possible. After our business was concluded, I became a client. I wanted VCVG to revamp my resume and make it attractive as well as poignant and specific to my area of expertise. Mr. Marshall took his time in getting to know me, my experiences, accomplishments, and my long term and short term goals. He then took all this information and created a new and highly effective pristine resume and cover letter that I am very proud of. The look of it and the content combined gives me a little extra power and confidence. I have secured many new job interviews with it and also many compliments from perspective employers. I would recommend VCVG and have to any business professional who wants a resume that is fresh, clean, eye-catching and most importantly effective. Personal and sincere service is becoming few and far between in this world and finding it in Visionary Concepts & Van Gogh Consulting is a breath of fresh air. I will be their client for life. You cannot go wrong with this company and I am so glad that VCVG has my back."

- Cecelia Quarles, Regional Business Consultant, Suntrust Bank / First Data